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This is where you'll find sponsor commercials, Channy Award videos, How To's, and all the random stuff we couldn't fit into other categories.

How It Works

CRL Channy Request Live

The August 2013 screening took us back to 1999, as host Carson Daly counted down the top videos of the month and introduced a brand new music video.


Channel 101 Pledge Drive

The July 2013 screening was also the annual Channel 101 Pledge Drive. Did you pledge to make a pilot?


1955 Commercial

The February 2013 Channel 101 screening was sponsored by 1955.


2012 NY Channy Awards

The NY Channy Awards were held December 9, 2012, and hosted by Connor Ratliff.


Canal 101 Paris

The November 2012 screening was sponsored by our sister screening, Canal 101 Paris.


Do Not Vote Commercials

The October 2012 screening was sponsored by Don't Vote.


Channel 101 Promos

In September 2012, Channel 101 was self-sponsored by Channel 101.


Ben & Jerrys

Ben & Jerry's graciously sponsored Channel 101's August screening.


Smoking Commercials

The May 2012 screening was sponsored by Smoking.


How-To and Inspiration

Making a show for Channel101 can be a breeze. Watch these videos and get started.


Video Tapes

The March 2012 screening was sponsored by Video Tapes.


Nike Commercials

the first screening of 2012 was sponsored by Nike.


2011 NY #channyawards

The 4th Annual #channyawards were hosted by Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel and held on December 14, 2011.


Please Silence Your Cellphones and Pagers

The November 2011 screening was sponsored by Please Silence Your Cellphones and Pagers.


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