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Have you made a show for Channel 101? Submit it using this form!

  • Upload the video to Youtube (you can make the link "unlisted" if you want to keep it under wraps).
  • Remember, it must be five minutes or shorter (including credits and everything).
  • It should be presented as a TV show (not a movie trailer, random sketch, etc.).
  • It should be awesome.

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What happens now?

  • Each month, on the day of the submission deadline, the creators of the Prime Time Shows watch all the new submissions.
  • They pick the best five or so to be screened.
  • At the screening, a live audience watches the new pilots and new episodes of the returning Prime Time Shows.
  • The audience votes. Top 5 shows become the new Prime Time Lineup. There is no online voting. The live audience decides.

Returning Prime Time Shows must also abide by the five minute time limit. However, if a Prime Time Show goes over the five minute limit (even by a few seconds), then it will screen as usual, but it will automatically "self-cancel" and be ineligible for voting. This is a good way for a show creator to make an extra-long finale episode.

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