Space Apartment

created by  Maximilian Clark

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Episode 1

Screened: 2019-03-01 at The PIT Loft

Votes: 15/15 - 100.00% share; placed 1st of 10

Downloads: 284



Chief Navigator DouglasHaleigh Ciel
Chief Security Officer MinosEdwin Guerrero
Chief Captain Champ RodgersGeoff Grimwood
Chief Engineer TomalesCarla Lerner Montero
Chief Petty Officer O'BrienWalter Masterson
Chief Ensign McGillBrendan Sokler
KevinAlexander Stine


Maximilian ClarkDirector, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound, Practical Effects, Digital Effects, Crew, Props
Scott GabrielDirector
Hot Glue And The GunMusic Composition
Mollie HeckerlingSet Decorator

Episode 2

Screened: 2019-04-08 at Spectacle Theater

Votes: 18/29 - 62.07% share; placed 3rd of 10

Downloads: 175

Episode 3

Screened: 2019-05-07 at Spectacle Theater

Votes: 22/32 - 68.75% share; placed 3rd of 10

Downloads: 79